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A Garden Game
Which Side Are You On?


  • Establish two geographic positions
    • for example
      • opposite sides of a room / "garden room" / other outdoor space that has boundaries
      • opposite sides of a landmark in the middle of the space. We used the refreshement table.
    • Make the two positions well enough apart, so the participants will have some moving to do.
  • Designate one of the positions the "yes" side, and the other the "no" side.
  • When questions are asked, participants answer by moving to the appropriate side.


  • Been gardening more than 5 years? (10 years....)
  • Most of your flowers are perennials / annuals.
  • Plant more perennial varieties every year.
  • Have basically clay soil / Have sandy soil.
  • Took Latin in school?
  • Your mother taught you gardening?
  • Own more than 2 gardening books?
  • Mix vegetables (or herbs) & flowers in one bed?
  • Struggle with woodchucks?
  • ...with deer?
  • ...with poison ivy?
  • Have sown a lawn.
  • Have some kind of irrigation system in your garden.?
  • Make your own compost?
  • Put your compost in a bin / a pile.
  • Garden organically?
  • Grow any roses?
  • Grow native plants?
  • Started seeds under lights, this past winter?
  • Bought plants by mail this year?
  • Bought plants via the Internet this year?
  • Own a shredder-chipper?
  • Can start your shredder-chipper by yourself?
  • Own more than 2 varieties of Hosta?
  • Talk to your plants?
  • Meditate in your garden, “listen to your plants grow” ?
  • Think of your plants as your children?
  • Identify with your garden, feel it’s part of your being, or an extension of yourself?
  • [You can also ask for questions from the participants.]

This game is a great icebreaker.