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The Art of the Garden:
Consciousnes-Raising Exercises

"Treasure Hunt" Questions

  • Find a plant that has motion.
  • Find the plants with black leaves. How do they go with what is near them?
  • Find an example of related color harmony.
  • Find an example of complementary color harmony.
  • What plant is the smallest (not counting seedlings)? What plant do you find gets in the way the worst?
  • What plant do you find that seems to be doing least well?
  • How many pieces of garden sculpture can you find?
  • Find two examples of (almost) formal balance.
  • What elements of this garden have humor?
  • Find an example of rhythm.
  • Identify a theme or other unifying factor of a bed.

Design Questions

  • What draws your attention?
  • What plants do you like & dislike (and what one plant is your favorite)? What parts of the garden work and which ones don't hang together?
  • What would you change & why? Of the things you'd change, what bothers you the worst; what would you start with?
  • Find a spot that needs something, and either
  • propose a plant for it, and say why
  • or describe the characteristics of a hypothetical plant you think would go well there.

10 December 1998