Diary of Changes to Green Hands


When I make changes to Cstherine's Garden that I think might interest you, I'll record them here. That way you can immediately find what's new, without hunting.

(There used to be a service you could subscribe to, which would notify you when this changed; it's no longer available, so come look for yourself now and then.)

20 January 2006 The The ColumnColumn now appears every other week: on the first and third Fridays of the month. I hope this will give me more time to clean up the site, and write other work.
Fall 2005 Starting site redesign under the title Green Hands and the greenhands.com domain.
7 November 01 Sitting in Asters added to Essays.
29 October 01 Sorry, I got way behind in posting the Green Hands columns; just put up a month's worth.
30 September 01 Reorganized the Green Hands section by calendar year.
23 May 01 The Green Hands Column is starting to get regular, every Friday. I'll add it to that section soon after, but I don't think I'm going to add an entry here every time.
20 May 01 Add the section on Soil, including fertilizer recipes in Combinations
4 May 01 Add many new Green Hands stories
25 Feb 01 Add an archive for my column The Columnin Nashoba Publications' papers
18 Nov 00 All links updated; apologies for long neglect. From now on I will be able to keep them current.
4 Oct 00 Garden Troopers added to the Essays (with the first two photos)
12 Jul 00 This list gets changed to reverse chronological order, so you can see the latest change without scrolling down.
27 Mar 00 Start a Links section
15 Mar 00 Photos added to the Essays.
13 Mar 00 Plants section added, with my first photos
23 Jan 00 Add a FAQ (with one question, so far).
25 Dec 99 Reorganize Green Hands so you can now bookmark any page.
12 Jun 99 Add Rock Meditations essay.
20 Mar 99 Add this page.
28 Nov 98 Green Hands sprouts on the Web.

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