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In this site I celebrate the magic of gardens, the garden I have been fortunate to create and live with, and the appreciation it has taught me for the sacredness of the Earth.

What is a Garden?
The most intimate relationship a person can have with the Earth.
A gardener feels most at home in the world, when her hands are in the soil.

An art:
A way of paying attention to the effect of beauty on all our senses. Beauty is the connection between the body, which perceives everything through the senses, and the heart, which feels value; art is the connection between mind, body and heart. And the art of the garden connects us with our larger heart/mind/body: the Earth.

A healer:
Gardening is loving, and expressing love with work. The love flows between the gardener, inside her skin of "human being," and the garden — and through that part, to and from the whole Earth. The circulation of this love stimulates healthy energies in the gardener's individual body, as well as in the garden (as all can see) — and thus also in the Earth. Even just looking at a well-loved garden brings peace and healing to a passerby.

Welcome to my garden site — the play between two arts: my garden, and my writing.